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Nokia’s Android Phones: Everything You Wanted To Ask, Answered

Nokia's Android Phones: Everything You Wanted To Ask, Answered android+wallpaperss+hq+2012+new+robot Rumoured to be in the works for ages, Nokia’s Android phones finally saw the light of the (official) day at Barcelona. And have generally queries and questions by the dozen. Although the phones have not yet been made officially available to us, here is our attempt to answer some of the common queries about them, based on what we have seen and heard, from sources official as well as unofficial. So Nokia is making Android phones. What’s the fuss about then? Well, Nokia has resisted the Android temptation for a while, preferring to stay with Symbian, Asha and Windows Phone for its devices. Considering its close relationship with Microsoft, which makes Windows Phone, one of Android’s biggest rivals, yes, this is quite a big deal. Think of Lionel Messi going from Barcelona to Real Madrid…yes, THAT big. How many Android phones is Nokia releasing? Well, to start off, three. These are the X, the X+ and the XL, part of what many are calling the X Series of devices. Are these going to be expensive handsets? Far from it. Nokia’s X Series of Android devices is going to be very much in the affordable price segment – the Nokia X will cost 89 Euros, the X+ 99 Euros and even the large screened XL will put you back by a mere 109 Euros. In pure conversion terms, the devices will fall in the Rs 7,000-Rs 10,000 price belt. And what do we get for that price?

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